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About Us

Mr. Yuval Israeli, has extensive engineering industry experience and knowledge.
His 27 years of experience in working with air compression systems allows him to provide high-quality consulting and trouble shooting on your property.
Our head office is located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.
We provide inspection services at residential and industrial premises, for all the Maritimes provinces here in Canada.


What is Our Specialty?

In addition to Home Inspection, consulting, maintenance, and repair services inspection, IL-AirTech also provides special inspections such as IR. home heat lost inspection which can help find heat loss sources to help home owners to manage their heat experiences. 
In addition, the company also provide safety inspection for electromagnetic wifi safety fields which are emitted by WiFi and some appliances.


What Can We Do for You?

Our company inspector will come to your home or place of business, inspect the relevent issues and provide a full report and explenations about the inspection and the foundings.

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