Pre Listing for Seller's Inspection

Checking a house or your home before selling becomes important because it allows you to identify any deficiencies in the house before a sale and allow it to be repaired and prepared accordingly, before the house goes on the market.

This can result in a higher ask price.
It is then possible to re-check after a repair and it is even possible to combine a guided tour with a buyer together with the Inspector so that the purchaser receives an in-depth explanation of the house and the existing systems and the optional systems in the house.

What do we check in this inspection?

All residential inspection includes a Thermal Imaging inspection

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How much does it cost?

The evaluation of cost is done by the square footage of your home / apartment. 
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Cancellation Policy

Life happens and sometimes you need to rearrange your plans, but there is a fee for anything under 24hr cancellation.

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