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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging cameras clearly show the problem-areas in your home with colourful heat-sensitive visuals.

Combine these cameras with a trained healthy home professional, and you’re one step away from achieving optimal home comfort and health.

Since home inspectors need to determine where air leakages, insulation issues, and lack of ventilation are causing problems, the surface area’s temperature will need to be assessed. Broad temperature ranges in thermal imaging camera can display just that. Thermal Imaging has many applications in the construction industry from heat loss and moisture detection to electrical inspection. It provides a quick assessment method for problems that involve heat generation and transfer. It generates images that clearly locate hot and cold areas.​

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Why The Need ?

Thermal imaging is the best way to assess continuity of insulation once the building fabric is complete.

It is also a very effective method of locating air leakage paths in a completed building. This section discusses the legal requirements in Building Regulations and also the availability of BREEAM credits.

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Thermal Performance of Buildings

When a building is heated (or cooled) there is a temperature difference between inside and outside so that the heat flows through the walls, windows, doors, roof and floor as well as by leakage of air through gaps in the structure.

The resistance to heat flow varies with the properties of the materials and their thicknesses. Most building materials, such as brick and concrete, have a relatively poor resistance to heat flow so insulation is required to impede the flow of heat out of (or into) the building. Mineral fiber and foams of plastics are good insulators; their resistance to heat flow actually depends on the pockets of air trapped within. <br>Other materials and components are continually being developed as insulators that trap pockets of air, inert gas or even a partial vacuum.<br>

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What to expect from a Thermographic Survey?

Thermographers use their skill and experience to interpret thermal images and diagnose construction problems.

A well-conducted thermographic survey should show if there are any changes in the thermal performance of similar parts of the building.
Changes in emissions across the picture
• Air leak location – depends on wind speed, direction or artificial pressure. Indication of probable causes for the anomalies found.
• Presence and operational status of heat emitters such as radiators and underfloor or cooling heating systems
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of thermal insulation.
• Recommendations for corrective actions
• Quantitative estimates of thermal insulation efficiency
• Estimates of annual heating or cooling energy requirements.

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