Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Test

The demand for radiation tests in homes increases every year.

More and more people are realizing that there can be a situation in which the house has electromagnetic radiation at a higher level than is permitted, which can affect our health in the future. The home is where we spend the most of the day together with our family, so it is very important to know whether the house in which we live or the house we wish to purchase has radiation levels that can endanger the occupants of the house.
Home is where we should feel safest in the world, so it is wise to check that our home is operating at healthy levels.


There are two main types of electromagnetic radiation tests in the house.

Measure the strength of low frequency magnetic signals.

Measuring the strength of the low-frequency magnetic field. Magnetic field testing includes measuring the effects from any electrical facility located indoors i.e household appliances, home electrical panel, electrical wiring in walls, solar system, etc. Checking magnetic signals originating from outside the home (street power lines, transformer rooms or transformation stations from an electrical company near the home). Since a wall does not protect us from a magnetic field generated from electrical installations, it is important to carry out the test near the walls of the house and especially near the walls behind which are large appliances.

Radio Signal Test

Measurement of high-frequency radiation originating from radiation transmission centers from antennas and wireless access facilities, other antennas in the home environment, WIFI WiFi, wireless routers, rafters, wireless phones, etc. operating during inspection.
In this test, the intensity of the average electric field is measured or the intensity of the radiation power density is measured.

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